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Rui Andrade

Social psychologist, Master in Behaviour Organiser. HR Manager and Responsible for formation. Promoter of reading and the arts. Co-author of the educational service Fábrica de Histórias.


Raquel Salgueiro

Writer. Bookseller. Responsible for the selection of resources and literary catalogue of Cabeçudos. Cultural programmer. Driver of tours and co-author of the educational service Fábrica de Histórias. Tells stories and believe in fairies.


Leonor Tenreiro

Graduated in Communication Sciences, Screenwriter, journalist and editorial assistant. Guides Creative Writing workshops for children, adults and families, in schools, libraries, bookstores and cultural facilities. Wrote O Homem Que Ia Contra as Portas and, in co-authorship with Pedro da Silva Martins, Porque Chora o Rei?


Inês Hugon

Publisher and copy-editor, launched the first collections of school manuals for Pre-School and 1st year of Texto Editores (now Leya) and co-founded the Tinta-da-China Editions. She is responsible for the Review workshops and for the coordination of the Fábrica de Histórias in several schools.


Marina Palácio

Illustrator, comic book author, film director animation and art educator. She has created and orientated Reading and Creativity Workshops Education through the Book, Art and Nature for children and for adults.


Rachel Caiano

Plastic artist and illustrator. With training in performing arts and architecture, has been develop projects in the areas of painting, theatre and illustration. Received the Bissaya Award Barreto of Literature for Children 2014 with the book “Pequeno Livro das Coisas”. Received the Young Creators Award 2007 in the area of illustration.

Susana Bicho


Susana Bicho

Master Architect with specialisation in Museums and Education, lives in Castelo de Vide, where, since 2007, he coordinates, designs and implements numerous activities and projects of artistic education, heritage and for the sustainability. She is a Visual Arts Educator of the PEEA.


Bruno Batista

Degree in sociocultural animation. He is a narrator, actor and trainer/teacher. How Accountants have toured the country at festivals, schools, libraries and book fairs. Collaborated with Fundação do Gil as a trainer and narrator in Hospitals. Worked in the theatre at Ideas do Levante, at Teatro da Trindade and at Dell Arte Rituals.


Claudio Hochman

Born in Buenos Aires. Create and direct the Kaleidoscope Company. Works with Sap Troupe Company. Performs regularly in Spain company work Teloncillo Theatre and Eureka. Received several prizes. He gives courses in interpreting, staging, object theatre and creativity in Portugal, Argentina, Spain and Mexico.


Eduardo Amaro

Master in Filmmaking, dedicated to the formation of cinema, photography, video, animation cinema and sound design. He is a certified trainer and also develops a social reintegration work through the multimedia.


Carlota Flieg

Designer, illustrator and visual artist, conceives graphically different designs on supports varied from the video and cinema format of animation to book illustration. Collaborates as graphic designer with several children’s editors. She is one of the creators of the video-project books Contalá.

Susana Moura


Susana Moura

Landscape Architect for almost two decades, He left the big city early to take refuge in the field, between books. Do narration, recording and content creation for activities pedagogical. After a foray into the world of Communication Design, your objective at this time is to help an architect better society, through Education.

Cristina Larangeiro


Cristina Larangeiro

Designer for over two decades, accompanies Cabeçudos since its foundation having collaborated in the creation of the brand. She is responsible for the communication graphics and multimedia of Fábrica de Histórias. She studies Chinese Metaphysics and believes that the Universe always conspires in favour of smiles…