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Two Kingdoms and One Crown

In a kingdom far away, there lived a king very old but kind to his people. And legend has it that her crown was magic, and that when the old king died, she would rise in heaven and set out in search of a new pretender to the throne. So it happened, and the young Henry, inhabitant of a neighboring land, was elected by the mysterious royal jewel, which one day landed on his head. This is the fantastic story of his reign, which will forever be remembered throughout the Brotherhood Kingdom.

Text and illustration of the students of The Valsassina College, 2014



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A full auditorium for the presentation of a book – which tells the story, written from the creative reflection and shared by more than a hundred 5th graders, which is inspired by the motto that annually brings together the whole school – has proved to be the point of enthusiastic arrival of a journey carried out throughout a school year.

In this path of experiential learning, curiosity, creativity, effort, persistence, resilience and commitment are mobilized, students are challenged to reflect, give ideas, ponder alternatives and propose solutions, acquire skills, skills, content and realize transversality of knowledge and expressions. Students learn. And they’re thrilled.

Margaret Chambel,

Pedro Arrupe College