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The work will be developed in the classroom and will consist of three indispensable and sequential tasks, namely, write and review, illustrate and make animated film, and a number of optional, of which we describe some:

Write and Review
Mediated by creative writing technician, it will consist of the creation and writing of a story and attribution of a title, starting from a suggested theme. The story will have between 150 and 600 words and will be in charge of a set of students; review of the story with writers and illustrators in a process of continuous improvement. The review will be mediated by a professional publisher who, after a theoretical approach to her work, invites the authors to work on reflection with the aim of improving the text, in addition to working on the morphosyntactic, semantic and pragmatic aspects.
Average duration: 6 hours + 3 hours

Mediated by a visual artist, it will consist of the creation of illustration for the story, a total of 24 pieces, which will be converted to a dimension of 224 x 200 mm; execution of cover and back cover, or, choice of illustrations of the brain for this purpose.
Average duration: 15 hours

Animated film
Mediated by a director, it will consist of the production of an animated film based on the story and illustrations created, with varied techniques: cutouts, plasticine, drawings, which will be inserted in the DVD.
Average duration: 12 hours

Mediated by a sonoplast, it will consist of the search for the sounds appropriate to the text and illustration and the composition of the soundtrack using instrumental and/or digital recording and integrating the discovered sounds.
Average duration: 6 hours

Digital book
Mediated by a multimedia technician, it will consist of the creation of a digital book based on the story where aspects related to illustration, animation, its sound and points of interactivity will be dealt with. The Digital Book will be inserted into the DVD.
Average duration: 12 hours

Mediated by a musician, it will consist of the composition of one or more songs based on the story, which will be included later on the DVD and eventually in a show.
Average duration: 9 hours

Mediated by a curator, it will consist of the organization of exhibition, respecting the methods and processes of creating exhibition spaces, illustration works and fragments of other tasks. In the same exhibition will be permanently on display a making of the creation process.
Average duration: 6 hours

Mediated by a professional narrator will consist of the preparation of a show to be presented at the launch ceremony, with the strands of dramatization, music and multimedia. The team will list students and mediators.
Average duration: 12 hours



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A full auditorium for the presentation of a book – which tells the story, written from the creative reflection and shared by more than a hundred 5th graders, which is inspired by the motto that annually brings together the whole school – has proved to be the point of enthusiastic arrival of a journey carried out throughout a school year.

In this path of experiential learning, curiosity, creativity, effort, persistence, resilience and commitment are mobilized, students are challenged to reflect, give ideas, ponder alternatives and propose solutions, acquire skills, skills, content and realize transversality of knowledge and expressions. Students learn. And they’re thrilled.

Margaret Chambel,

Pedro Arrupe College